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How to create MST file using ORCA MSI Editor?




Creating MSTs for Client Filter or WAgent using ORCA MSI Editor.


To configure your Client Filter/Wagent, you will need to create an MST file. To generate MST file for Client Filter/WAgent configuration using ORCA MSI Editor, please follow the steps below.

  • Right Click on the MSI file and select Edit with ORCA.
  • From the Transform tab, select New Transform.
  • Click on Properties from the Tables menu and double click on CONFIGEDIT (NS_WAGENT_ARGS in case of WAgent) to make changes.
  • Once the changes have been made, press Enter key to apply the changes.
  • In case of Client filter, Exceptions List also must be added in the MST.
  • To add the Exceptions List, right click on NSEXCEPTIONS and select Import Text File.
  • Once the exceptions list has been added, click on Transform tab, and select Generate Transform.
  • Save the MST file and use it for the installation.
  • To install MSI with the MST (transform), run msiexec /i [MSI Filename] TRANSFORMS=[MST Filename] through Command Prompt.

Please note - for WAgent Arguments or Client Filter CONFIGEDIT, refer to Netsweeper Online Documentation as below-

WAgent - Workstation Agent (WAgent)

Client Filter - ConFigEdit Settings


For more information on this topic, please reach out to Netsweeper Support.


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