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Chrome Manifest v2 Deprecation Update



The Chrome Manifest v2 extension is a tool used by installable web apps for the Chrome browser and ChromeOS platforms.  Chrome Manifest v2 extensions support is being deprecated by Google later this year, as Chrome is moving to Manifest v3.  Google has stated that they will begin the rollout in June 2024.

Affected Netsweeper Products 

Client Filter users will be able to use the Manifest v3 extension as long as they are not using the nMonitor service for onGuard.  In most cases, this should not require any additional actions.

Customers who are running the Netsweeper Client Filter with the V2 Manifest will need to enable a new policy before June 2024.  The policy must be set to the EnableForForcedExtensions (3) setting, in order to allow force-installed v2 extensions.

Extension Policy Options

0 = Default browser behavior
1 = Manifest v2 is disabled
2 = Manifest v2 is enabled
3 = Manifest v2 is enabled for forced extensions only

Additional Information

For the full timeline of the sunset, please refer to the Manifest v2 Support Timeline documentation.

For information on how to view and manage your Manifest extension, please refer to Google's Extension Manifest v2 Availability Guide.

We will continue to update this article as the update approaches.  If you are unsure if you need to create a new policy, please contact your Netsweeper Account Manager or Netsweeper Support.


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