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How to System wide Recategorize URLs with List rules



How to system wide recategorize URLs inside the Webadmin that will effect all users. 


In your Netsweeper Webadmin navigate to Policy > Lists and select Create tab.

  • Under List Name type your desired name.
  • Under Comments add a description.
  • Under List Assignments Tick Categorization List.
  • Add Permissions as needed and select Create List.

You will now be taken back to the List Tab, and you should see your new list here.

Select your list, and then select New Entry. You can now add the desired URLs you want to recategorize. You can find more information on this on our recategorize URL document. 


Below is an example of the List.

List cat.png


Testing your new rule

As always Netsweeper recommends’ testing all changes you make. 

List rules can be easily tested with Trace Request tool. Please refer to our Trace Request documentation for information on using this tool. 


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