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How can I stop users from using downloading and installing applications?


Preventing the Installation of Unwanted Applications

Netsweeper is capable of restricting the download of files based on the extension. However, this is only capable of stopping a download. If the file is already on a workstation we can't stop a user from installing something directly.

Your IT policy should prevent people from installing unknown software, but by using Netsweeper you can also prevent downloading.

Blocking File Extensions

Netsweeper Lists allow you to block certain file extensions from being downloaded. To add an extension to a Local List:

  1. Choose the desired policy from the Group Manager or Policy Manager
  2. Select the URL/Keyword Local List tabmceclip1.png
  3. Enter exe in the New Entry field
  4. Choose Deny URL and save.
  5. Repeat these steps for other extensions you would like to block

You can test this by finding a URL for an executable and running a Trace URL Request from the URL Tools Menu.


Note: Users can still bring installers into the network with a USB Key and install it if your computer policy does not prevent installation or usage of USB drives.

For more information on extension blocking please see our documentation on Policy Management.

Client Filter and Blacklisting Software

If you are using the Netsweeper Client Filter product there is an option during branding where certain applications can be blacklisted. Please speak to your Netsweeper Account Manager for more information.

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