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I've imported a list into the Local List and it didn't import the whole thing...what is wrong?


Importing A Local List

When you receive an import error with a limit it may be related to a WebAdmin Setting. By default, these are set to conservative values and can be increased depending on your needs of the system.


When importing a list into a local list, after the import it says: imported 1000 of 1895 URLs. This may be an indication that the local list is not large enough to import the list or there are corrupt entries. Care should be taken when building local lists that they do not get too large, as this may impact system performance. Rather than importing the same list of URLs into a local list, consideration should be given to using a Shared List.  Shared lists can be entered once and applied to several groups. 

To check the settings go to System Tools > System Configuration > WebAdmin Settings, scroll down to the section titled URL/Keyword Lists Settings


You can increase the Maximum List Entries value as needed.

Please note: Increasing this value can have an impact on performance.  As always, best practice is to test and monitor any changes. 

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