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My EA release policy service is restarting what can I do?


When running an EA version of the NS Policy Server there can be unexpected issues. It may require a core dump to be provided to Development for evaluation of the root cause.

EA Policy Service Support Information

For customers running EA releases of Netsweeper, it may be necessary in some cases to provide Netsweeper with core dump files for debugging purposes.

Netsweeper 4.0.4 and Above

We have provided a method of starting the nsd in core dump mode.

First stop the policy service

service nsdctl stop

Now start the nsd in core dumping mode

service nsdctl start core

Netsweeper 4.0.3 and Below

In 4.0.3 and below you must manually enable core dumping. Add the following configuration to your Policy Server Settings (/usr/local/netsweeper/etc/nsd.conf or System Tools > System Configuration > Policy Server Settings) to allow the core file to be created

nsd_user root

Restart the policy service using

ulimit -c unlimited

service nsdctl restart

Using the Core Dump File

The next time the policy service stops unexpectedly, a core file will be created named:

/usr/local/netsweeper/bin/core.[pid of nsd].

Caution: If the child process dies multiple times and is restarted automatically, multiple core files will be created. Since these core files contain what was in the memory, they will be the roughly the size of the nsd process in memory, and can get rather large. Depending on your disk space availability, monitor the machine very carefully.

Please contact Netsweeper Technical Support to make arrangements to send the core file to us.

Reverting to Normal Operation

When you have managed to determine the cause of the crash, revert back to normal operation

ulimit -c 0

service nsdctl restart

You will likely want to delete the core files that have been created

rm -f /usr/local/netsweeper/bin/core.*
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