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What order are lists processed in?


Netsweeper offers different levels of lists, to ensure flexibility with your deployment needs, this article clarifies the order in which each type of list is processed.


There are different types of lists with different functions that can be used to filter users in an individual group, multiple groups, or all groups.


System-Wide List applies filtering globally, (all Groups and Policies).  These list rules are always applied before any other lists, to ensure the rules are system-wide.

Local lists are used to apply rules to a single Policy.  The Policy Service checks for Local List rules if no System-Wide rule is found.

Shared Lists can be applied to multiple Policies.  The Policy Service check for Shared List rules if no System-Wide or Local List rules are found.

If the Policy Service does not find any list rules, it will then refer to the Category Rules to make a decision.

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