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How to check for secure deny page?


I am seeing an incorrect Deny Page when filtering.


Secure webpages operate differently that unsecured webpages.  When a browser makes a connection to a secure webpage, the heard requests contain nothing but a request to make a connection.  Then a secure connection is created between the browser and the webpage.  Any information transferred after the connection cannot be viewed, therefore it is not possible to see what file the browser is requesting.  The Netsweeper is only able to intelligently block a secure request on the first connection to the web server.

Since the connection types are different, the only kind of block page that can be displayed is another secured deny page.  Therefore, in case you see a different deny page than what it should be, it can be a secure deny page.

To change your secure deny page, navigate to WebAdmin > System Tools > Deny Pages and click on the Content tab.  At the bottom of the page, click Edit Secure Deny Page.

You can edit the secure deny page the same as any other deny page.


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