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Adding List Based Entries For a Group or Groups


Netsweeper allows you to create and maintain both local or shared lists. These lists are designed to allow for specific rules for specific types of traffic. Local lists affect one group of users, Shared Lists can be shared among multiple groups of users.


If you want to test your new rule, you can use the Netsweeper Trace URL Request tool.

Available Entry Types

Allow Select the Allow option from the 'Action' dropdown to allow the entered URL
Deny Select Deny from the 'Action' dropdown to deny the entered URL
Categorize Use the Categorize action to assign a new Category to a URL
Replace Select Replace to replace the Entered URL with any other URL. For example, you can replace with
Modify Query Use the Modify Query tab to modify a URL
Search and Replace Use this function to search for a specific string and replace it with another string.
Regular Expression Use the Regular Expression tab to replace a regular expression.

NOTE: If you don't see the desired Entry Type in your WebAdmin, please contact your System Administrator, or Netsweeper Support.

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