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Why won't my WebAdmin deliver my reports via email?


Email Sending Settings

By default, Netsweeper uses sendmail on the localhost to deliver emails.  To configure your system to use your mail server, login to the WebAdmin and navigate to System Tools > System Configuration > Webadmin Settings > Email Sending Settings.  Fill out the fields with your mail server information.


Figure 1-1

Report Delivery Options

Once your Email Sending Settings have been configured, you will be able to send individual reports.  Create a new report or edit a desired report and select Delivery Options to expand the report delivery settings.  Fill out the EmailEmail Subject and Email Contents fields and select the desired options for the Email Format and Empty Reports drop-down fields.


Figure 1-2

Sending a Test Email

You can test your Email Sending Settings by navigating to System Tools > System Configuration and enter a recipient email address in the Test Email field, then click the Test Email button.  You may receive error messages in red at the top of the screen if your Email Sending Settings are misconfigured.


Figure 1-3

For more information on report delivery, please refer to the Email Sending Settings section of our Ops & Admin Manual.

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