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What do I need to do to prepare for upgrading my Netsweeper?



As of Netsweeper version 7.2, we have streamlined the upgrade process.  It can now be done directly through the WebAdmin, or with the Command Line Interface (CLI) via SSH.  However, there are a few important things to consider before upgrading your platform.

Considerations before upgrading.

  1. It is highly recommended that you have backups before upgrading.  Either database backups, (which can be done via the WebAdmin,) or any other reliable method used by your organization, (such as Virtual Snapshots).
  2. Additionally, in Netsweeper 7.2 and higher, it is a typical requirement that the WebAdmin, Reporter, and Deny Page servers need to be upgraded at the same time.  Policy Servers, Proxies and filtering hosts can be upgraded separately, or at a later time.
  3. EL8-based deployments do not support Clustered WebAdmins.

Taking a Database Backup.

In Netsweeper 7.x and above, navigate to Administration > Backups. From here, you can use the available options to create and download any desired backups of your Policy Database, Reporter Database, and WebAdmin Logs, as shown in screenshot 01.


                                                                               screenshot 01.

For a detailed walkthrough of the upgrade process, please refer to our Server Upgrades documentation.

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