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8.2.5 EA Release and Downloads (June 28, 2024)


Netsweeper 8.2.5 EA release is now available for early adopters that have already migrated to the EL8 based Netsweeper installation. This release primarily focuses on bug fixes, as well as a few improvements to features already added to the 8.2 builds. The Netsweeper version 8 series will only be available on EL8 and customers are expected to migrate to the EL8 base in the 7.2 release before planning the upgrade to Netsweeper 8 or above.

Netsweeper reminds customers EL6 extended support ended March 2024, so all customers who have not migrated already should plan to do so as soon as possible for security related purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns about planning an upgrade to this release, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support (

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Category Revision 28 (Jan 10, 2023)

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Netsweeper 8.2.5 Changelogs

Issue Type Ticket Summary
Bug NS-832 The WebAdmin API Test Tool did not work with HTTPS hosts in the 'Service' field for Direct requests.
Bug NS-932 When running in 'Allow' mode, Local Network Detection would cause the 'logGroupName' cookies to be wrong.
Bug NS-937 Android was spelt 'Andriod' in the WebAdmin > Agent > 'Client OS' field.This has been corrected.
Bug NS-955 When the PDE engine in the Capture Modules was enabled, we would send the the HTTP deny page for both HTTP and HTTPS denied requests.
Bug NS-971 Resolved an issue in the 8.2.4 release where the 'allow rus' local network detection setting would cause the Client to run in RUS mode, but without disabling RUS profile logging for nMonitor/OnGuard events.
Bug NS-972 The DUG (domainusergroup) message when processed on port :3432 would not call the getlogNames function.
New Feature NS-975 Added new APIs for managing Account IP ranges.
Bug NS-976 The Client Filter Profile Manager redirect protocol would find 'clientlogin' in any URL starting with the "liger_webadmin_url' which would errantly cause the 'SignUp' redirection to be blocked.
Bug NS-979 The new Client disconnect event could cause NSProxy to abort in 7.2.15, 8.1.10, 8.2.3, and 8.2.4.This also impacted the Client Filter 12.10, 12.20, 12.30 releases.
Bug NS-984 The nMonitor Category mapping API call may not exist on old Policy Server versions.This caused an issue for deployments running an updated WebAdmin and older-version Policy Servers.
Bug NS-992 Multi-Layer Drill Down Reports were not working in Netsweeper 8.2 releases.
Improvement NS-997 We no longer require an email username/password in order to use Email Server Encryption.
Bug NS-999 Resolved a rare issue where Drill Down Reporting would not work when a secondary level had a 'Category' grouping, resulting in the errant level displaying no data.
Bug NS-1001 The logout API did not delete SOAP sessions.
Bug NS-1003 We would errantly create a new session with every SOAP API request.
Improvement NS-1007 Added an onGuard Admin permission that grants the user administrative rights, allowing them to control settings and view system information.
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