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Netsweeper 7.2.9 EA


The Netsweeper 7.2.9 EA release is now ready for for all customers and all features and roadmap items have been completed. The final 7.2.10 release will only include stability fixes along with default configuration setting changes. The 7.2.10 release will be Generally Available (GA) and will be only fixing stability problems and bug reports. All customers should upgrade to the 7.2.9 release in their test environments and start planning their upgrade path to the 7.2 product. The 7.2.10 release is planned to be made available at the end of May 2022.

The Netsweeper 7.2 release is the last release available on both EL6 and EL8. Moving forward, Netsweeper will only be making new feature available on the EL8 platform. Customers are expected to transition from EL6 to EL8 using the Netsweeper 7.2 product. Netsweeper will continue to provide security fixes to the EL6 builds but will not provide new features to the EL6 based release.

New Features Summary

Client Filter

  • Uninstall Key Generator option moved to 'Client Filter Settings' allowing per Brand key generation
  • 'Mode' option has been added to the Uninstall Key Generator to Profile Manager and Roaming User Service mode as both can get an uninstall key generated
  • Client Filter Settings order of precedence has been fixed in nsd.conf, default brand in WebAdmin, specific brand, and finally the specific brand with platform defined

Change Log 7.2.9

Ticket Type Description
22520 BUG: LogMod5 Remote Logging could stop records sending for a while and save them to the disk queue instead.
25453 BUG: The Client Filter 'Forgot Password' key generator did not work in RUS mode. A 'Mode' option has been added to the Uninstall Key Generator.
25823 BUG: Not all service were restarted when letsencrypt updated the SSL certificate.
25837 BUG: If no expire time was specified, Client Import would fail.
25842 BUG: The 'Assign List to Policies' option did not check permissions properly when selecting Policies.
25852 BUG: The Up2Date service did not start on Rocky Linux with Service Type=OneShot.
25857 BUG: The 7.2.8 release would close the connection on EOF causing no WebAdmin request logs or remote commands to work properly.
25862 SECURITY: Authentication Redirect did not display an error when not enabled for the bounce.php.
25864 BUG: Submitting the 'Bulk Client Cleanup' would sometimes display a server error.
25869 BUG: nsupgrade did not work on Rocky Linux for the EL 8 release.
25870 BUG: Categories Revisions Export did not export any data.
25873 FEATURE: Added a column for the edit link in the Deny Page Rules table. This only display the warning for unsaved changes if changes have occurred when editing or creating a Deny Page Rule.
25876 BUG: Non-csv files could be imported. This is now prevented.
25877 BUG: The Group Deny Page did not display when switching to Monitor Only and then back to Show Deny Page.
25878 BUG: Editing Portal Deny Pages did not maintain the portal flag.
25879 BUG: When Client Filter brand settings all are set in the nsd.conf or the default BRAND, all other brands will load their local network detections into one local network detection list.
25882 BUG: Setting the liger_webadmin_url to a different URL/scheme for a specific Brand did not work.
25884 FEATURE: The Uninstall Key Generator has been moved to Client Filter Settings and now allows per Brand key generation.
25891 FEATURE: request_max_connections has been removed from the policy service since new threaded network increases performance. Use firewall/load balancer to limit connections/second or max connections.
25892 BUG: EL8 strips the debug symbols in the packages. We have added debuginfo RPMs to the release for debugging purposes.
25893 BUG: The Policy Service could have many connections stuck in CLOSE_WAIT state in some of the 7.2 releases.
25900 BUG: The 'Pre Auth Append Domain to Username' setting was not storing the entry.
25902   A new remoteadmin command (400) has been added to the policy service to get the Profile Manager or the RUS WebAdmin URL sent to the Client Filter in order to generate the uninstall key per brand. The option 'Get Liger WebAdmin URL' has been added to the WebAdmin Remote Admin window.
25903 BUG: The 7.1 to 7.2.8 releases did not safely lock and use the policy for brand lookups. This could cause policy service stability issues if the Client Filter brand settings were used.
25904 BUG: The Policy Server was leaking memory in the localnetworkdetection_network IP list.
25906 BUG: An empty Client Filter brand, with no settings, would not be loaded by the policy service.
25908 FEATURE: Changing the Liger WebAdmin URL or Liger Login makes the Client Filter reload the configuration in 7.2.9 with a 9.x Client.
25910 BUG: Remote logging did not work when CNS was disabled in the policy service. Libevent was not initialized early enough for remote logging in all cases.
25913 BUG: Remote logging could stop with socket in CLOSE_WAIT state and the logger client would not reconnect.
25914 BUG: A Memory leak was caused by invalid 'remoteadmin_allow' settings.
25915 BUG: Profile Manager mode did not log the new workstation name sent by the DUG message.
25918 BUG: The liger_login_tree was locked and not loading from the nsd during Brand loading.
25919 BUG: The liger first time login mode for RUS did not get the response URL buffer passed.
25920 BUG: The WebAdmin Client Filter Setting for 'Override Profile Manager Password' was not loaded in any Brand.
25921 FEATURE: You can now disable the RUS Append for a specific Brand.
25928 BUG: The RDNS cache would loop through allocated items and not the items in use. Optimization has been implemented.
25929 BUG: The Policy Server didn't reload Brand Settings when the whole brand was renamed or deleted.
25930 BUG: 'Deny All' option in Group General Settings did not work correctly.
25934 BUG: Adding an Allow/Deny entry from the Groups page Advanced tab did not work when the tab was not clicked beforehand.
25935 BUG: An undefined constant error while running APIs has been fixed.
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