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onGuard 1.2.0 Release Notes (May 10, 2024)


Netsweeper is pleased to announce the onGuard 1.2.0 release is now available. This release has a focus on fixing several quality of life bugs and adds new features such as capturing daily totals for number of Events and Priority level, as well as updating URL states to prevent users from hacking URLs. Netsweeper continues development of the onGuard release series which will be introducing many new product features and improvements.

Netsweeper does not provide onGuard installation and configuration documentation. If you are interested in onGuard, please reach out to your Netsweeper Account Manager or contact Netsweeper Support.


Issue Type Ticket Summary
New Feature NOG-602 We now capture daily totals for number of Events and Priority level.
New Feature NOG-685 We now update URL states to prevent users from hacking URLs.
Improvement NOG-698 We now expose the seconds for the time in the Event details.
New Feature NOG-699 We now allow Users to filter their Events by percentage-based graphs in the Dashboard.

New Feature


We now allow Users to sign up for monthly reports.

New Feature


We now allow Users to receive monthly reports.

Bug NOG-711 Brand image was not showing up in Gmail.
Bug NOG-713 The 'getGroups' API would return a 'Bad Request' Error.



Added the ability to sort the Groups list in the Dashboard view.

New Feature


By default, we now auto-check all monthly report options when a User opts in to receive the report.

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