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What categories is the categorization system providing me with?

Netsweeper Serial Category Version

The Netsweeper Categorization system can provide different customers with different categorizations. When Netsweeper releases a new category into production, no customers will be affected or provided with these categorizations. Once a Netsweeper product is released that includes the new category a customer can upgrade to the new product and request the new categories be activated for their serial/license.

You can use the example URLs in the Category descriptions to check and make sure the new categories are properly blocked on your system. From a filtered workstation you can access this site and check to see if the category in question is blocked. If the category is selected to be blocked, but is not blocked when you generate a request with an example URL, this means the new category is not available to the specific filtering deployment and servers you're being filtered by.

The category version is also attached to the Lists you download. From the WebAdmin in Administration> Status> Lists, you can see the version of categories you're downloading under the Lists tab.


The last three digits of every Revision is the category version (in this case 100).

All new deployments that are Netsweeper 4.0 and above should be using category version 100, since category versioning is now managed in-product by the Category Manager.

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