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Adding Search Keywords


In this article you will be walked through how to add a search keyword, the search keyword list.


Adding Entries to the Search Keywords List

The Search Keywords list enables you to block specific search terms for search engines or websites that have not yet been categorized. 

Only keywords associated with a denied category will be blocked.  If the Search Keywords category is denied, all search keywords will be blocked.

To add an entry to this list, follow the below steps.

In the WebAdmin, navigate to Policy Management > Search Keywords (Versions 6.4 & below,) or Policies > Search Keywords (Version 7.1 and above).

  • Click the Add button to open the New Entry dialogue box.
  • Add the keyword or keywords to the Search Keywords field.
  • Search and select the appropriate category to associate this keyword entry with.
  • Click the Submit button.
  • To prevent over-blocking, select the Restrict Matching checkbox.


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