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11.60 GA Client Filter Release (October 02, 2023)


The Netsweeper Client Filter 11.60 GA is now available for all customers. This release builds on the stability and proven features of the Netsweeper Client Filter and provides customers with some major improvements for all operating systems. All customers are strongly encourages to upgrade to the 11.60 GA. Windows customers can start to experiment with the new nUpdate functionality available in the Windows Client Filter and Netsweeper 8.2.1. This allows customers to upgrade the Windows Client without any InTune, Group Policy, or other software management applications.

Windows nUpdate software update

MacOS AssessmentMode Support

Improved Windows Performance. Customers upgrading must add new flags to migrate to the new nsdivert64.sys driver to take advanage of the new diver. We plan to move to the new driver for both installs and upgraded in version 12.

Improved stability and performance for nMonitor on all platforms


The Netsweeper Chrome Client Filter v3 manifest is now available, but does not yet include support for the nMonitor functionality. Due to missing features and limitations, Google has extended the V2 Manifest for enterprise policies until an unknown future date due to the issues many developers have encountered. We are committed to making sure the new V3 manifest is available with all features before customers can no longer use the V2 manifest version. More information from Google can be found here.

If you have any questions or concerns about planning an upgrade to this release, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support (






Chrome Web Store


Issue Type Ticket Summary



Android VPN Client has been updated to target SDK Version 33, for Android 13 and above.



Opening Client Filter Settings would overwrite the main nscf.log file. We now create a nscf_settings_mini.log file for the Settings Page, similar to the System Tray Icon.



A potential Client Filter buffer overflow could occur on Windows on all prior releases of the Client Filter, this has been resolved.



Toggling networking connectivity on MacOS would previously restart the filter. The filtering service on MacOS will now remain running between connectivity changes.



Resolved an issue where the Policy Server name and port number would fail to populate from the Windows registry into the Client Filter settings window.



Windows SSL certificate verification could skip initialization in the event of memory and initialization failures,



The MacOS system extension removal has been documented and can be forced to uninstall using the "divert -R" by the root users. This is not run by the default uninstaller as it will always prompt the user.

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