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Can I install a RPM onto the Netsweeper system?

Installing Custom RPM packages

Netsweeper suggests extreme caution when installing RPMs onto your system as it can cause undesired effects during our upgrade process. If you absolutely have to install an RPM, document the process for adding and removing it should it be required to properly upgrade your system.


In some cases, you may be required to install additional packages onto the Netsweeper system. Device drivers, hardware monitoring tools, and monitoring agents may be required. Generally, Netsweeper does not recommend this because it can break the upgrade process.

However, you can install the necessary packages provided that you perform proper testing, document your changes, and verify if your modifications break upgrades. Due diligence, documentation, and making yourself aware of any problems that could arise during the upgrade or general operation of the Netsweeper product is important.

Netsweeper Technical Support cannot support customizations. If your upgrade process or system does not work due to third party packages, we will not be able to resolve these problems outside the scope of our software. It is up to you to be knowledgeable and properly document what was done to your Netsweeper system!

Remember, if you have proper change management documentation, the system can simply be reinstalled with the new version.

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