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I want to setup High Availability, how do I do that?


Configuring High Availability Deployments

You can configure high availability and fault tolerance into the Netsweeper deployment on your network using a third-party load balancer, port-mirroring, port-spanning, tee-based packet duplication, policy-based routing, and other solutions.

Our Configuring Netsweeper High-Availability Deployments document covers this topic in greater depth.

Web Cluster

You may also want to consider the Netsweeper Web Cluster.  This cluster is configured as an active/passive cluster with automatic failover and provides a central point of policy configuration for a Netsweeper platform.

Netsweeper Web Cluster is two connected computers working together and seen as a single system.  It creates redundant groups or clusters to provide continuous service and failover capabilities to utilize a minimum of downtime.  Netsweeper's clusters use a heartbeat private network connection to monitor the health and status of either node.


For more information on the High-Availability Web Cluster please see our documentation on Web Cluster Configuration .

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