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What to include when opening a ticket with Netsweeper Support


When submitting a ticket there a few key pieces of information that can help our team understand your deployment and issue, leading to less back-and-forth emailing and faster resolution.

Please ensure you have provided the following information when you submit:

Deployment Type

  • Do you host your own on-premise Netsweeper deployment, or are you on a cloud platform?
    • If it is a cloud, is it hosted by Netsweeper or by someone else?

Filtering Type

  • Is it an explicit or transparent NSProxy-based deployment, Enterprise Filter or Capture Modules?
    • Or is it a Client Filter based deployment?  (If so, what Operation Systems are in use?)


  • Do you use our Workstation Agent or Authentication Redirection to provide per-user filtering?


  • Please provide the version number for your Policy Server, as well as any related products.
    • Client Filter or WAgent.

Additional Info

Please ask yourself if there is any additional info that you think would help us understand your deployment and issue/question better.  This will only speed up the process.

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