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What do the dates and times mean on the policy server lists?


Understanding Policy Server Lists

In order to function as expected, the Netsweeper Policy Service requires several lists; distributed from, to be up-to-date.  To verify that your Netsweeper Policy Service has the most up-to-date lists available, login to the WebAdmin and navigate to Monitoring > System Status > Lists.  Scroll down the page to see the Lists, Revisions Last Update stamp, Last Update Check stamp and Last Time Loaded stamp.

The Netsweeper Policy Service is designed to check with every five minutes to ensure that these distributed lists are up-to-date.  The Last Update Check timestamp should always fall on a five minute interval, such as 14:55:00 in figure 1-1.  If a particular list is out-of-date, the Netsweeper Policy Service will download an incremental update that includes only the necessary changes to the list.  These lists are loaded into running memory after they are updated.

The Last Time Loaded timestamp should coincide (approximately) with the Last Update timestamp, as in figure 1-1.  The Last Update timestamp will only be updated if there is a new/updated list.


Figure 1-1

How can I tell that my lists are the most up-to-date revision? 

Download of the latest lists will only fail if the Update Check is failing.  As long as the Last Update Check stamp occurs every five minutes, you can be assured that the check for up-to-date lists is succeeding.  As long as the check for up-to-date lists is succeeding, you can be assured that you have the most up-to-date lists available.

For more information on the Netsweeper lists, please refer to our System Status Lists Tab documentation.

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