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How to stream logs from an iOS device



To troubleshoot Client Filter on an iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone it is helpful to be able to see the debug logs on the device.


How do I troubleshoot Client Filter on an iOS device?


The following steps are needed to turn on Client Filter debugging and to stream the debug logs to a Mac to view the resulting logs:

  • Turn on debug logging in the Client Filter configedit setting -f flag by adding the flags 256 + 512 + 1024 = 1792 to the existing flag number.  It is preferred to use a test brand on a test device for this to avoid turning on debug mode for all iPads that are configured with the deployed brand.  Please refer to Adding or Modifying a Client Filter Brand ( for details.
  • Plug the iPad into a Mac USB port.  
  • Open the Mac console and select the iPad to start streaming the iPad log.  For additional details regarding the Mac Console, please refer to the following Apple document:  View log messages in Console on Mac - Apple Support (CA)
  • Filter the Mac Console log for “netsweeper” and “exception: BLOCK:”. 
    For example:
  • Add any blocked URLs to the exception list for the brand.

For more information about updating a Client Filter brand, please refer to the following: WebAdmin Branding for Client Filter in Netsweeper 7.2 and above – Netsweeper:

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