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How do I report a website that is incorrectly categorized.


This article outlines what to do if you feel that a site has not been given the correct category.


If you find a website that you feel is incorrectly categorized, there are two things you can do to have it quickly investigated by our Content Support Team.

You can always reach out to Netsweeper Support by emailing

Additionally, you can submit a URL Alert directly through your WebAdmin.

  • In v6.4.10 and below, navigate to URL Tools > URL Alert.
  • In v.7.1.1 and above, navigate to Tools > Category Alert.

This will alert our Content Support Team directly, so that they can review and update the categories as needed.

Additionally, you can add a URL Alert feature to your deny page. 

See our Sending a categorization complaint from the blocked page? documentation for more information on this option.

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