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How do I get Outlook 365 mail to work with Netsweeper?


Connecting Office 365

 After entering the SMTP settings for Office 365 and sending a test email, I receive the following error:

Test Email could not be sent
Can not open connection to Mail Server.


The reason that this doesn't work is on the Office 365 end of things. It only allows mail relay when there is a connector in the office 365 admin portal for the device IP which it will relay mail for (to prevent spam).

To get the reporter emails working, you'll need to follow these steps (specifically Option 3):

You will not be able to use as your mail server since this method requires support for the STARTTLS method, which is not currently available as one of the authentication methods.

The general steps to get this working are as follows:
1) Find your MX record for your outlook 365 server (this will be something like
2) Add a connector in the Office 365 admin portal to allow only connections from the IP of your Netsweeper
3) Change your Netsweeper's mail server settings to the MX record identified in step 1
4) Add an SPF record in your DNS
5) Change the email server port to 25
6) Set email connection encryption to none
7) Set email server authentication to none
8) remove user and password
9) you can optionally set your email return address to something arbitrary like<>

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