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How do I download the NSProxy Decryption Certificate


One of the main features of NSProxy is our Selective Decryption.  However, In order to be able to utilize the full capabilities of NSProxy, you need to install our Netsweeper Root CA Certificate.  Without it your Netsweeper Filter cannot decrypt secure (HTTPS) connections to ensure users aren't searching for inappropriate content or downloading restricted file-types, et cetera.


To download our Root CA Certificate, open your preferred browser and navigate to the following sub-directory of your WebAdmin.  (NOTE: Your WebAdmin may be configured to use HTTP or HTTPS).



This will immediately start a download of the Root CA Certificate.  

Once you have the certificate downloaded, you can use your preferred method of pushing it out to your end-users.  Remember, it must be installed as a Trusted Root Certificate to function as intended.


For more information on NSProxy and Selective Decryption, please refer to our NSProxy Configuration Guide.

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