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How to obtain Debug Logs from the Client Filter


Enable Debug Logging

You need to go into the Control Panel, Open the Client Filter.

You'll need to access the Filter Settings.

Under the settings tab, under log settings > Log Level > Choose the option 'Log Debug' and save the filter settings, close the client filter window(s).


Open the Services (as Administrator), find the NSFX service and stop the service.


Open Windows Explorer > C://Drive > Users > (User) > AppData > Local > Netsweeper Client Filter, you will want to delete all files within this folder.


You can now go into the Services again, start the NSFX service.

Recreate the issue that you are experiencing, the logs for this will be logged in the C://Drive > Users > (User) > AppData > Local > Netsweeper Client Filter as the nscf.log.

After you have obtained the logs, you will want to go forward with reverting the changes, as keeping the log settings as Debug can take up a lot of storage.


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