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How to add URL whitelist entries to Client Filter



Using Client Filter and need to add URL Exceptions/Whitelist entries.


In the Client Filter Settings > Request logs, Right click on the request that is being denied and click "add URL to exceptions".


Once the exceptions list has been updated, click on the Filtering Exceptions tab and click "Save Exceptions".  If you are ready to update the brand to push out to other clients, first click "Export Exceptions" to export the exceptions list to a text file. 


For pre 7.2 versions, the exported text file of exceptions can be Imported into Client filter MSI file in the Table "Property" and property value "NSEXCEPTIONS". Right click on the Value cell and use the Import Text File..." option.

MSI File example screenshot:


For more information, please refer to the Netsweeper online documentation here: Client Filter Exceptions MSI Support

New method as of Netsweeper 7.2.11

In the Netsweeper version 7.2.11 and later Webadmin, the Client Exception List can then be selected in the client filter brand. The brands are accessed from Tools / Client Filter Settings / <name>

When adding a List to the Brand, make sure the List is created and populated before assigning it to the Brand. Once the list is added to the brand, any changes to the list will apply to the brand.

Netsweeper 7.211 brand example: 


For more information please refer to the Netsweeper Online documentation here: Client Filter Settings Window in the WebAdmin


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