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How can I reset my root password for the console in el8 based Netsweeper ?


Please note, this knowledgebase article relates to el8-based deployments only, for instructions on how to perform this operation with an el6-based deployment, please review Console Admin Password Recovery documentation.


Resetting your Console Password

In certain rare cases, it can be necessary to reset the console password for the admin account.  If you have become locked out of your shell, you can use the following steps to reset the password.

  • First, reboot your system, then select the kernel you want to boot into and press the 'e' key to interrupt the boot-process as shown in Screenshot 01.


Screenshot 01

  • Append the end of the line that begins with linux ($root) by adding 'rd.break' to enter emergency mode, as shown in Screenshot 02


Screenshot 02

  • Now we must remount the filesystem into read/write mode.  Use the following command, as shown in Screenshot 03.
mount -o remount,rw /sysroot


Screenshot 03

  • With our remounted file-system we can now run the following command to enter chroot jail, as shown in Screenshot 04.
chroot /sysroot


Screenshot 04

  • Finally, we can change the password for the root user with the 'passwd' command.


Screenshot 05

  • The password is changed, but before rebooting it is important to create a file with the following command, as shown in Screenshot 06.
touch ./autorelabel
  • Type 'exit' to exit out of chroot jail and then 'exit' again to logout and reboot your system.


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