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SSL Site Error on Chrome and Edge


Problem - With the release of the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge version 124 update, a number of sites may display SSL errors. This is due to a change within this update, within the section which  "added a general availability of X25519Kyber768 key encapsulation". This is causing a number of websites Server Name Information (SNI) requests to be misread by Netsweeper's filter. If this is the case you will see the SSL error message as shown below or a similar message will appear:

SSL Error.png


SolutionIf you are running the client filter version 11.60 or earlier or if you run your own Netsweeper sever of 7.2.14 or earlier - you could be affected by this issue. If this is the case, you will need to upgrade to one of our newer versions which has had the update fix applied to it.

Client Filter
To resolve this you will need to upgrade your client filter to version 12.30 or higher.

Netsweeper Server

If you are running your own on premise Netsweeper server and you are on Enterprise Linux 6, you would need to upgrade to 7.2.15. If you are running on Enterprise Linux 8 then you can upgrade to 8.1.10.


If you have any concerns or queries, please reach out to Netsweeper Support

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