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Enabling onGuard CPOMS Integration


Netsweeper onGuard can now integrate with your CPOMS system.  Once configured, you can export your Events to your CPOMS dashboard from the onGuard List window.

Configuring onGuard CPOMS integration

  1. In your onGuard dashboard, navigate to the Settings window.

  2. Select the Integrations option.

  3. Select the New Integration button and choose the CPOMS option.

  4. Configure your CPOMS Integration as follows:
      1. Choose the Group you want to bind this integration to.
      2. Enter your subdomain.  If your CPOMS Address is mynetwork.cpoms, the subdomain would be 'mynetwork'.
      3. Enter your CPOMS API Key.
  5. Select the Add Integration button to complete the configuration.

Exporting onGuard Events

Once you have completed the Integration, please refer to our Exporting onGuard Events documentation for step-by-step instructions on how to export onGuard Events directly to your CPOMS system.


Additional onGuard Documentation

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