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Navigating the onGuard Dashboard


The onGuard Dashboard was designed from the ground-up to be both simple and effective.  It has many built in functions to help make navigation seamless and intuitive.

The onGuard Dashboard Navigation Options.

The onGuard Dashboard gives you a high-level overview of all Event information for your deployment.  The Events are listed by Status along the top of the page, with graphical data displaying the volume of Events by date in the center of the Dashboard.  Below that, you can find Events sorted by Category as well as by Student.



Using the Dashboard to view Events.

From the Dashboard, you can view all Events by selecting the List icon in the top-left corner of the screen.


If you want to view Events for only a specific Group or Groups, you can select the desired Checkboxes on the left column, or if you want to view Events for a specific Student, you can use the Search Students bar.


Additionally, you can view a filtered list of Events by selecting one of the Statuses from the top of the Dashboard, Open, Escalated, Resolved, or Dismissed.


You can also filter your Events for a date-range or a specific day with our Date Selection pane, accessible by clicking the Select Date bar from the top-right corner of the Dashboard.


Finally, you can filter your Events by Top 10 Events Categories or by the Top 10 Events by Student, at the bottom of the Dashboard.  Select any Category or Student to quickly view the sorted data.



Navigating the onGuard Dashboard [video]


Additional Information

For more information about onGuard, please refer to the following documentation:



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