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Navigating the onGuard Dashboard


The onGuard Dashboard was designed to be simple and effective.  It has many built in functions to help make navigation seamless and intuitive.


Filtering Events by Category, Priority, Status, and Date.

onGuard Events are filtered by Categories, and each Category is assigned a Priority, both found in the upper-left portion of the onGuard Dashboard.


You can easily filter your Events, either by the individual Categories, or by all Categories of a specific Priority, (or priorities).


Simply select the checkbox for the relevant Category or Priority to filter the visible Events within the Dashboard.



Additionally, you can also filter your Events by their current Status, by selecting the relevant checkbox in the lower-left portion of the Dashboard.  These filters are accumulative.  For example; you can filter by a Category, (such as Addiction,) and then further filter your Events by a Status, (Such as Escalated).


The current Status of any given Event is shown in the far left column in the Dashboard view.


Finally, you can filter by date, by using the Select Date pop-up-box in the top-right portion of the Dashboard.

Simply click on the pop-up-box and either select one of the preset time-frames, (such as the Last 7 Days,) or create your own custom range for more precise results.




Searchable Fields

The onGuard Dashboard features search fields for Events created by either a specific Student, or School, located in the center-left portion of the Dashboard.



Simply select the desired search-box and begin typing in the appropriate username or school.  A pop-up box will appear with any relevant results. 



Select the checkbox for the appropriate result, and then select the Done button to filter for Events that only come from the desired source.  Your search results will display, along with an indicator of what your currently filtering for, under the search fields in the center-left portion of the onGuard Dashboard.



Finally, the top-right portion of the onGuard Dashboard features an additional search box that allows you to search by Alert Details, such as keywords, URL, or page info.



This field can be combined with any other filters or searchable fields within the Dashboard.  For example; you could filter for all Events in the Addiction Category within the last 30 days, and search for a specific keyword.



Navigating the onGuard Dashboard [video]


Additional Information

For more information about onGuard, please refer to the following documentation:



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