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Managing onGuard Events


onGuard Events

An onGuard Event is generated every time onGuard detects a potential risk activity from a student.  An overview of Events can be seen on the onGuard Dashboard; with built-in filters for Categories, as well as Date, Student, Group, and the current Status of the Event.


Use any of the navigation options discussed in the Navigating the onGuard Dashboard article to view a list of Events, either filtered or unfiltered.


Viewing Event Details

To view detailed information for a specific Event, simply select if from the List to open the Event Details.  The Event Details captures a screenshot of the from the timestamp when the Event was triggered, and displays any pertinent information in an easy to understand format.  


The top-left corner has a button to navigate Back to the List view, and also shows the Category as well as the current Status of the Event you are viewing.  You can modify either of these by selecting it, which opens a drop-down menu.  The time and date stamp of the Event as well as the Student's name are located at the top-center of the page, and the top-right section of the page has options for viewing the Activity Log for the Event, an Export button, and quick navigation options.


To the right of the screenshot are the Event Details, as well as a spot to add notes as per your review.


Below the screenshot is the Text Detection section, that displays the text that triggered the Event for quick, convenient review.



Managing Events

You can export a copy of the Event with the Export button, as well as manage the Category or the Status of the Event by clicking on the current Category icon or Status icon (respectively) in the top-left corner of the page.   The available Statuses are Open, Escalated, Dismissed, and Resolved.   

Note that a status cannot go from Open directly to Resolved.


The Notes section is optional in most situations.  However, In order to change an Event to the Resolved status, you will be prompted to add a note in order to complete the action.  Additionally, changing the Category of an Event also requires a note.


Once an Event is Resolved or Dismissed the Status can no longer be changed.


The Activity Log

You can view the Event's historical activity by clicking the View Activity Log button at the top-right of the screen.


The log view shows all activity taken since the Event was triggered, including the Date, the Type of activity taken, and who performed the activity.  A copy of the log can also be downloaded by clicking the Download Log button.



Managing onGuard Events [video]


Additional Information

For more information about onGuard, please refer to the following documentation:

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