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Introduction to onGuard


What is onGuard?

onGuard is a brand new Netsweeper product, designed from the ground-up to help protect students from the inherent dangers associated with today's digital world.

It actively monitors all activity on supported devices in your deployment, and identifies actions taken by students that could indicate or lead to potential risks to student wellbeing, then displays all potential risks in the onGuard Dashboard.


The onGuard Dashboard.

Designed and created to maximize ease-of-use for people of any-level of technical skill, the onGuard Dashboard is your one-stop-shop for monitoring, reviewing, and resolving Events, caused by potential risk-activity.


The onGuard Dashboard allows you to view and manage Events, either individually or in bulk.   You can filter, search, escalate, review, and resolve Events, all from the onGuard Dashboard.


Navigating the onGuard Dashbaord [video]


Additional Information

For more information about the features and functions of onGuard, please review the following topics:

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