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Why won't my webupgrade download and install the packages?


Failed WebUpgrade

In some cases if your connection does not have enough bandwidth or a firewall is blocking the download, webUpgrade may fail to finish downloading the packages. To easily address this you can download the latest Netsweeper ISO from the helpdesk for your architecture. The ISO can then be burned to a CD or mounted locally to allow the upgrade to proceed. Once the ISO is burned/mounted then in the webUpgrade tool you change the repository (The ‘Configure Repository’ page) lets you choose a local CD-ROM drive or use a local ISO as a repository location. 


Use a CD-ROM Drive

Select the CD-ROM option. Netsweeper will automatically mount the CD-ROM drive.

Use a Locally Mounted ISO

In order to use the ‘Local ISO’ feature, you must upload the ISO to: /home/admin.
If multiple ISOs are in that folder, the latest version will always be used.

Once this is configured then proceed as normal through the upgrade.
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