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How do I enforce YouTube restricted mode with Netsweeper?


Netsweeper can enforce YouTube Restricted Mode via a header-injection list rule.

In the WebAdmin, navigate to the desired Local List or Shared List and create the entry as follows.

Set the Entry field to, the Request Part to Referrer Header and the Action to Modify Header.

In the Add or Replace field, paste or type YouTube-Restrict: Strict, as shown in Screenshot 01 and then click Save Entry to save the new rule.

Add additional entries for the following URLs:


You can verify the header injection is taking place by performing any YouTube search from a filtered machine.   If configured correctly, all YouTube searches will include the disclaimer, "Some results have been removed because Restricted Mode is enabled by your network administrator" as shown in Screenshot 02.

If you navigate to your Account Settings and try to disable Strict Mode, the button will be grayed out and you will see the notice: Turned on by your network administrator to help hide potentially mature videos.

For more information about List Rules, please refer to our List Management Documentation.

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