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I'm getting an Access Denied message when browsing to a website, but I'm not blocking it.



Although Netsweeper is designed to actively filter web traffic, sometimes a site is inaccessible because they are blocking us.  There are many reasons why a website may block certain types of traffic, but this can also lead to accidental blocking, such as in cases like ours. 

This article will walk you through confirming that is the case, as well as taking steps towards resolution.



 The following symptoms are highly indicative of a site blocking our services:

  • You see either an "Access denied" page or a "404" page instead of a Netsweeper Deny Page, when browsing to a website.
    • Pro Tip: Make note of any address listed in the message or on the page.
  • Testing the website with Trace Request or viewing the live Request Logs confirms that Netsweeper is allowing, not blocking, the request.
  • You've always been able to access this site before, and you or your team haven't blocked it, as far as you are aware.



Once you've determined that the site is blocking Netsweeper, follow these steps to get this issue resolved:

  • You will need to reach out to the website's owner (or site-host,) and request that they allow access from the IP addresses for the respective Netsweeper Proxy Servers.

Up-to-date lists of all our Self-Hosted Cloud IP Addresses:


Please feel free to reach out to Netsweeper Support if you need help or guidance with any of the steps within this article.

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