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WebAdmin Config Database requires a manual update after upgrading to Netsweeper 7.2



Netsweeper version 7.2 has added a host of new features, functions, and improvements.  Your WebAdmin Configuration Database will need a quick upgrade in order for your WebAdmin to be able to function in Netsweeper 7.2 and above.


After a successful upgrade to version 7.2.10, (or a later version,) you will see the following message when attempting to log into the WebAdmin for the first time.


You will not be able to log in until the database upgrade is completed.


Upgrading your Database Config

Create a shell session to your WebAdmin Server with your preferred SSH client.

You will need to elevate to root privileges:

$ sudo -i

Next, run the dbupgrade command:

# webadminctl dbupgrade

Wait for the command to compete. You should see the following output:

Updating webadmin database:                     [  OK  ]

With your database config upgraded, you can now log into the WebAdmin


Secure SSL Connection to Config Database

Your WebAdmin now supports secure connectivity to your WebDB.  For a step-by-step walkthrough of enabling this feature, please review our SSL/TLS Database Connectivity documentation.

If you require additional assistance, please reach out to Netsweeper Support by phone or by emailing



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